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"We consider the innovative, proactive and progressive approach of POP is a clear statement of a company wanting to be in tune with the marketplace as well as the customer. Understanding that one rule does not suit all is what is needed by any company in today’s tough business environment." General Manager, John Grimes Sawmills Ltd

Cambridge University Judge Business School
University of Lincoln
On Event Production Co.
Vera Wang - Interflora
Business Evolution

POP is a branding agency that defines brands for improved communication and performance

POP Branding Agency works with business owners and marketing teams to define companies, organisations and products.

We help clients compete on their own terms. Brand and identity are not intangible concepts, they connect you to your audience. They are how we helped generate £20k of above target revenue during a product launch and helped increase enquiries through a client’s website by over 162% year on year.

POP is the perfect size agency to work with your company. We know this because we have successfully delivered national brand launches for household names, but you will still know all of our names and who you need to talk to.

Our aim is to build an agency producing work as considered as it is creative. To do this successfully we work very closely with our clients so we fully understand the business and the brand before making recommendations.

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Tel: +44 (0) 1522 837241

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As it's Friday afternoon, here's a bit of a #funFridayfact.

Rune Söderqvist designed the ABBA logo with the flipped 'B' as the name is an acronym of the members' names, who were also two couples, and the 'B's are each facing their respective 'A's.
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