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MEU Brand Guidelines

Midlands Enterprise Universities

MEU is a partnership of six entrepreneurial universities working together to support the Midlands Engine for Growth. The partner universities are Birmingham City University, Coventry University, University of Derby, University of Lincoln, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Wolverhampton.

The overall ambition is to drive productivity and growth in the Midlands through skills, innovation and enterprise.

MEU Adshell design

POP were part of a successful joint tender alongside Shooting Star to create a visual identity for the initiative (it already had a logo) and to create guidelines for its application across various print and digital platforms.

MEU Business card design

The graphic device has six concentric rings to symbolise the six partners and echos the logo’s shape.

We created a graphic device to accompany the logo that has six concentric rings to symbolise the six partners and echoes the logo’s shape. This can be used on its own and lends itself to print finishing touches such as spot varnishing and foiling. The device can also be woven into images to create a more interesting layered composition and help pull the foreground out more. 

We also created an expanded colour palette, typographic styles and administration templates for use by the university partners.

MEU brochure spread design
MEU brochure spread design

Midlands Credit Compass

We are continuing to work with MEU to develop an identity for a new scheme allowing students to recommence studies at any one of the partner universities should they have not completed their degree initially. The new scheme is called Midlands Credit Compass.