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In 2015 infrastructure giant Kier began a process of divesting parts of the group that were not central to its core building and infrastructure business consolidation strategy. One such area was its vehicle fleet hire and maintenance business. POP won a competitive pitch to create the new brand for the newly independent business, supporting a management buyout and the PE investment to facilitate it.

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Essential brand development book

To encourage input from different levels of the business and start to foster ownership of the brand throughout the company our brand development process involved research, multiple presentation meetings, consultation sessions and the interpretation of feedback from these sessions to arrive at a set of candidate identities and then the final scheme.

The brand identity needed sophistication and modernity to reflect the new company’s trajectory and have appeal in a very corporate-looking marketplace. It also needed to be quite logo-centric because of widespread physical and environmental applications (vehicles, clothing, signage, etc), many of which are limited in scope or size.

The logo itself had to be simple enough to be immediately recognisable on a moving vehicle

The logo itself had to be simple enough to be immediately recognisable on a moving vehicle as the road fleet is an important part of the brand’s visibility and this was a new name in the sector.

Go Plant vehicle livery design
Go Plant sweeper

Once the scheme had been designed and agreed, we produced a presentation book that was shared with investors to document and show the development of the new identity it was then rolled out across the nation-wide company estate and vehicle fleet.

POP produced the Essential corporate website and have supported the brand up to present day, delivering work such as exhibition stands, marketing collateral, internal communications and digital marketing.

As the new company grows it has acquired other businesses, the most significant to-date being Go Plant which is already a significant and highly visible organisation in the utility vehicle sector.

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