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Adobe Magento 2 is a PHP-based open-source e-commerce platform that allows a tremendous amount of customisation and integration with third-party systems and services.

Our own experience of Magento website design and development extends from creating relatively simple single-store-front websites to creating a multi-region, multi-currency e-commerce store with six store-fronts and integration with a bespoke order and stock management system.

Our website, prior to POP’s involvement was a few weeks away from being scrapped, but we decided to invest in it instead, which is now paying off

Director, Magento client

As with all e-commerce website development projects, it is crucial to work with a developer that is knowledgeable and experienced. Magento can be more unforgiving to less technically competent developers than some platforms such as WooCommerce.

The benefits of Magento website design and development:

  • Easily to use for B2B or B2C e-commerce, or even both within the same website if you sell to both trade and retail markets
  • Endlessly customisable and hugely functional out of the box
  • Widely supported by the developer community and trusted; over 260,000 e-commerce websites currently use Magento
  • Extensible via a massive library of Magento extensions that cater for functionality ranging from marketing and customer support, through to optimisation and security
  • Connects with your ERP software reducing admin time and the risk of introducing human error
  • PCI compliant

Magento hosting and support

Magento 2 can also be resource-hungry when it comes to its hosting requirements. We provide a range of specialist Magento 2 hosting set-ups from VPSs to dedicated servers configured specifically for the platform and supported by expert Magento hosting engineers.

We can also offer maintenance retainers for your Magento website to keep your e-commerce store secure and running smoothly.

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