Schema markup

You may have also heard the term ‘structured data’; whilst Schema is the language that you write structured data in, structured data is the actual data you provide in this language.

Why use Schema Markup?

Here are a few key reasons to implement Schema:

  • Accessibility: It makes your content more accessible if you have a large website with a large volume of pages or target a specific niche audience.
  • It can improve rankings: When search engines can understand the content and structure of your website more effectively, they can present it to users in a higher position or as rich snippets, featured snippets or position zero results.
  • It can increase click-through rates: When your website appears in search engine results pages, how it’s presented can make a big difference to whether people click through to your site. By including schema markup, you can make your listings more attractive and informative, encouraging more people to click through and visit your website.

How can you make the most of schema markup on your website? Here are a few tips:

  • Use a free generator: Many online tools can help you generate schema markup for your website without needing any technical knowledge, such as These can be a great way to get started and ensure you provide the correct information to search engines.
  • Focus on the critical pages of your website: While you can use Schema markup on any page of your website, it’s imperative to focus on the most important pages to your users. These might include your homepage, product pages, or how-to pages.
  • Be consistent: Consistency is essential, use the same schema markup types on all your relevant pages and ensure that you provide accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Test and refine: As with any aspect of SEO, it’s necessary to test and refine your schema markup over time. This process can help you to identify any issues or areas for improvement and to ensure that you’re providing the best possible information to search engines and users alike.

Schema markup is a powerful tool for improving your website’s SEO and user experience. By taking the time to implement schema markup on your website, you can help to ensure that your content is more easily found and accessed by your target audience and that your website is presented in the best possible way to search engine users.