Ecologi 2 years of climate action

To achieve this, we have partnered with Ecologi, a platform that enables us to offset our carbon production by investing in tree planting, biodiversity projects, and sustainable economic growth. We also offer UK-based, zero-carbon website hosting services to our customers.

Ecologi dashboard

We believe that, though we are not perfect, these steps can make a big difference in the fight against climate change, particularly when they are used in combination with other measures such as moving into our climate-friendly studio at Lincoln’s Think Tank.

The wider Ecologi platform also has some really impressive results; the B-Corp-certified company has over 20,000 organisations using it to improve their climate impact, including, Ubisoft, and Xero. One of the things that attracted us at POP, was the transparency and standards of the strategy and action being taken, more of which you can find here.

Our efforts have avoided over 61.36 certified tonnes of CO2e, equivalent to driving 152,234 miles or taking 47 long-haul flights

In total, businesses using the Ecologi platform have planted over 79,410,634 trees and avoided over 3,081,811 certified tonnes of CO2e.

If you want to know more about zero-carbon website hosting, please drop us a line.