In our first year, we have funded planting 488 trees in the UK and worldwide. We have also helped fund projects such as creating solar farms, using biomass to produce electricity and preventing deforestation.

Our carbon-reduction activity amounts to a carbon reduction of 32 tonnes, equivalent to 80,000 miles driven in a car or 25 long-haul flights.

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On top of this, we also provide UK-based zero-carbon hosting; datacentres are also big carbon producers, and we have our studio in a high-tech, eco-friendly building packed with features such as:

  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Solar water heating
  • Natural air ventilation with PV-driven fans
  • Super insulation
  • Sun pipes to maximise natural daylight
  • Low energy, automatically activated lighting

Ecologi is a B-Corporation certified provider of carbon offsetting that we chose because of their transparency and easy access to evidence of the work taking place. Plus, the excellent dashboard and mapping of projects so that you can see precisely where your trees and projects are via Google Maps and what3words.

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