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Flexible corporate marketing services for effective results

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We always to try achieve the longer-term benefit; to feed activity into the aims of the brand

POP works alongside commercial organisations and marketing professionals, delivering them a broad range of corporate marketing support services.

Often with our regional and national clients we operate as the company’s marketing department; we co-ordinate with an in-house project manager helps set out the objectives and controls scheduling and budgets.

This approach to corporate marketing can be very beneficial:

  • Clients have the budgetary flexibility to use us when needed, instead of the fixed cost of having an in-house marketing team
  • We have a broader range of skills than an in-house team, unless very extensive
  • We give crucial external input that is impossible to get from people within the organisation

The way we work with your organisation is flexible, so whether you want to complete your objectives on a project-by-project basis or want us to compile a longer-term schedule of activity, we are entirely adaptable to your needs and resources.

We are often complemented on our ability to understand the real issues and motivations behind a company’s corporate marketing strategy. This approach is something with can bring to your organisation.

Because our core business in brand development, our approach is always to try achieve the long-term benefit for our clients; to see how a piece of marketing activity feeds into the overall aims of the brand.

POP’s corporate marketing support includes:

  • Auditing and evaluating marketing activity
  • Marketing planning and strategy
  • Brand development and brand strategy
  • Internal and external presentations
  • Marketing and sales collateral production
  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Copywriting and content production

As with all our work, you are guaranteed that our recommendations will be based on what is best for the situation, rather than just the most familiar route.

For more information, either check out our case studies or drop us a line.

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