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Brand identity design

Though a corporate or brand identity design programme can be deemed an exercise for big business only, we know that creating a distinctive, identifiable brand pays dividends for organisations of all sizes.

For over twelve years, we have worked with businesses of all kinds and all sizes to help them create, evolve or consolidate their identity.

Brand identity elements

A brand’s identity contains a set of elements that generally comprise of a logo or logos at its heart, but also includes colour, typefaces, graphic devices and textural visual elements, straplines or slogans, tone of voice animation and even audio.

Depending on the brand and its marketplace context or environment, these elements can be individually emphasised within the overall design system to create a uniquely memorable effect. Some well-known examples include:

Our approach is platform-independent; digital brand applications are more and more critical, but it is still essential to have a consistent look and feel online and offline.

…elements can be individually emphasised within the overall design system to create a uniquely memorable effect.

We consult with your organisation’s stakeholders to develop a thorough understanding of your brand, how it is perceived and how it wants to be recognised, before working closely with you through a creative process to develop your new identity.

Typical points at which we work with brands include:

  • Merger or acquisition
  • Change of business direction
  • Brand refresh or a complete rebrand
  • Product or service launch
  • Key promotional activity

Identity guidelines

Once we have created your brand identity, we can also document it and how to use the elements contained within it in a set of guidelines.

These guidelines can take the form of a book or digital document, or we can create a web-based portal that allows restricted access to brand assets and guidance from anywhere with access to the internet — this particularly useful for international or multi-site organisations.

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