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Brand design

We take a strategic and systematic approach to brand design so that; no matter what the touchpoint or environment you need to translate your brand to or showcase your brand in, it is consistent and effective.

We take a platform-agnostic approach to brand design, delivering the entire look and feel of the brand and the tools and guidelines to enable all partners and stakeholders to create outstanding creative brand communications.

Brands today are required to be more versatile than ever before

Brands today are required to be more versatile than ever before, and while mastering the world of digital engagement is essential, customers still expect outstanding experiences from brands in-person and offline.

There are various points at which clients engage us, typically these include:

  • Merger or acquisition
  • Change of business direction
  • Brand refresh or a complete rebrand
  • Product or service launch
  • Key promotional activity

Our brand design process

Our process begins with obtaining an in-depth knowledge of the brand, its competitive context and the internal vision and goals. 

We then proceed through a creative design process, working closely with the client throughout, to deliver a comprehensive design system, assets and brand identity guidelines.

Our clients range from start-ups to regional brands and household names; the thing they all share is the desire to get the best from their brand, and the tools to support it; right ideas, delivered in a better way.

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