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The investment group that owns the boats approached POP wanting to develop the brand and create a new identity including the boat livery, a website with online booking facilities, promotional merchandise and marketing support.

The ultimate storm

POP developed the concept of QuakeJet as ‘The Ultimate Storm’. QuakeJet is like all of the most extreme forces of nature – earthquakes, hurricanes and tidal waves. This communicated the ferocity of the ride – you don’t just ride QuakeJet, you survive it!

We also created a club for survivors complete with ‘I survived QuakeJet’ merchandise. There was a Twitter profile for survivors of the ride where people could share their own experiences and interact with 8 QuakeJet characters, each with their own profile on the website.

To generate social media interest POP set up a competition with a free weeklong holiday for two in Mallorca via Club 18-30 as a prize. POP asked Facebook users to use their webcams or cameras to show us how bored they were at home and why they needed the excitement of QuakeJet in their lives.

This was part of a broader marketing plan that included:

  • Website, online booking and video stings
  • POS
  • Club 18-30 endorsed Facebook competition
  • QuakeJet Street Team
  • Merchandising, incentives and promotions
  • Data capture
Will you survive?

Club 18-30 also ran localised promotions within resort to encourage a key demographic to use the ride and spread the word about QuakeJet. The boats even made a guest appearance on the BBC show ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’.

What we did:

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