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5 reasons brand design isn’t the same as a new logo

Posted by Nick Whyatt on

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If you are a start-up or SME and are not regularly using the services of an external agency, the issues of brand design and development and logo design can seem interchangeable and blurred, however, they are different.

Here are 5 reasons brand design is not the same as logo design:

Briefing brand design or a rebranding programme will be more far-reaching

  1. A logo is a single graphic device (or a few permutations of), this is a small but central part of your brand’s overall visual identity
  2. A new logo can give your brand a bit of lift visually but rarely in isolation precipitates a change of culture or strategy, particularly in service industries
  3. Briefing brand design or a rebranding programme will be more far-reaching. It involves researching and establishing cultural and competitive premises. These are represented by a wider visual scheme, messaging and interaction with the marketplace
  4. Designing an entire brand is a bigger project. This is normally reflected in the fees charged. By comparison a new logo is a single graphic design project and should (but not always!) cost less
  5. Brand design should result in a set of assets and guidelines to ensure your brand is represented consistently in the future. Logo design will result in exactly that – a logo and maybe some very basic instructions

Just because you want to develop your brand, it doesn’t mean a change of logo. At POP we have undertaken projects where the aim has been to work on positioning, message and a wider identity and changing a logo when it was still relevant would have been pointless.

Ultimately, the expectations of what you want to achieve with your project will dictate how far-reaching it becomes.

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